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Our beers
Our beers

The best we can

Rey-cycled (our beer made with 25% leftover ecological rye-bread) is our personal project to make the best and most ecological beer we can. It really makes us think; what is better for the environment; an ecological ingredient that needs to be flown in to Sweden from the other side of the world, using precious recourses and causing pollution, or a local product that isn't grown ecological, but uses less resources, and causing less pollution?
Do we focus on the health of the planet, or the health of the beer-drinker.
How do we weight this, how do we compare, what compromises do we make? What is our personal interpretation of ecological and sustainable?

What we really want to achieve is to brew a very tasty beer, made from only local ecological ingredients.
No, we even like to go one step further; we want to brew a beer made from local and ecological 'waste' products, using the least amount of energy as possible.

We strive to:

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E-mail: info@denbryggandehollandaren.se
Phone: 07 28 53 77 97


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