Who we are.

I'm Wilbert Duijvesteijn and I'm 'the Brewing Dutchman'. A few years ago I moved here from Rotterdam together with my wife Theresa McGovern. It did not take long until we were inspired to weave together Swedish and Dutch beer traditions and now we have started a brewery together.

We want to surprice your taste buds with brand new beer styles that can hardly be said to fall into any particular category. We work, to a large extent, together with local produce and believe in creative brewing where we find boundaries without losing the balance.

Barrel aging

We started with a 'sandbox' of 4 barrels in which we did a secondary fermentation with a brettanomyces bruxellensis.

The wood allowes the slow aging of beer. New fresh oak gives the beer all kinds of new exiting flavors and aromas, off which vanilla (phenolic aldehydes) is the most known, and used wine barrels add a whole other layer. But for the secondary fermentation with a Brett, the breathing is the main reason we let the beer age in barrels.

If you are unfamiliar with Brettanomyces: yeast converts sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide, but it also creates esters in a proces between ethanol, the primary alcohol in beer, fatty acids and acetyl coenzyme.

The common ale yeast 'Saccharomyces cerevisiae' creates esters which are responable for the fruity aromas, like banana (Ethyl butyrate) or clove (4-vinyl guaiacol) in wheatbeers, but there are many other fruity flavors like apple, pear, strawberry, orange, etc.

Brettanomyces does a few things differently than a 'common' ale yeast. Not only can a Brett convert much longer sugar chains as a Saccharomyces, it also creates more 'funky and tart' esters and phenols. Flavors which are describt as barnyard, horse blanket, wet dog, but also smokey, fruity like pineapple and peach, peppery, dirt, earth and spicy.

Famous beerstyles which are fermented with a Brett are: Lambic (Gueuze, Kriek), Flemish red, Berliner weisse.

Beer Bed and Breakfast

Planning to visit scenic Södermanland? We can recommand Mälby Säteri B&B for your stay.

The B&B is located just minutes from our brewery, so you are most welcome for a tour, tasting or brewing course and as a guest you will receive a discount.

We can also host and organize small events inside, or bigger events outside this beautifull mansion.

Brewing course

During our brewing course you learn how to brew beer using the most simple of tools; a pan, a filter and a bucket. After our course you will be able to brew a tasty brew right in your own kitchen. You will get educated about the chemistry of beer and we will promise you te have a good time.

Brewing course: 500 SEK p.p.
Tasting: 150 SEK p.p.