Empirical Stout
Not a Belgian style except maybe for the added homemade syrup. Our first brew, bone dry and oak smoked.
Red Sonja
A full flavored, fruity Belgian style red 'Dubbel'.
Blonde Sonja
A fresh and fruity Belgian blonde.
Toast to you
A Rye-pale-ale from day-old ecological Rye bread. Swedish most sustainable beer. Read more
Dreaming of a wheat Christmas
Chrismas 2016. A funky spiced wheatbeer.
Don't fläder yourself
Summer wheat-beer with handpicked elderflower Read more
Just beet it!
Red beet ale. Brewed with ecological red beets.
Wild & Stout
Our first barrel aged wild ale. Black, tart and funky.
What saison was for farmers, Grisette was for miners. Fresh yet spicey.
White Lies
WIPA; White IPA, or is it? A wit beer with lots of Wakatu 'flame out' hops.
Cherries the moment.
Tart, fresh and funky, a wild ale with a beautiful red color. Barrel aged on handpicked Swedish cherries.
Tre weize männen
Christmas 2017. Tripple wheat beer.